Halton Housing

Providing a comprehensive leadership development programme to managers.

About Halton Housing

Halton Housing (HH) is a registered provider and not for profit housing association, managing 7,000 homes in the Cheshire towns of Widnes and Runcorn.

Since 2016, HH has been implementing a radical culture change.  They recognised the need to provide more flexibility for both their customers and their staff to be able to deliver the very best service.  As a result, they have completely transformed their way of working, moving away from typical 9-5, office-based environment to a completely flexible model. This change has encompassed new, purpose-built offices, state of the art IT systems and equipment which has necessitated a complete revision of how each team operates within itself and with the broader business.


The Challenge

For the transition to be effective, the executive team recognised that there was a need to provide structured training and support for its management team to enable them to deliver and embed the change within their areas. This programme would involve enhancing leadership styles and changing behaviours.

As a result, HH implemented a year-long coaching programme for all managers, consisting of eight individual sessions.  We were initially contracted to provide coaching services to sixteen managers, supporting the internal coaching team. However, due to the success of the coaching, we were asked to design a management development programme which would support the overall objectives of the organisation.  The aim was to provide critical tools, knowledge, and confidence to managers to enable them to lead their teams through such a dramatic programme of change.

The Programme

Working in partnership with the leadership development team to ensure that the company aims and objectives were met, we devised a bespoke series of unique workshops designed to achieve HH's specific aims and objectives, i.e. to embed the new ways of working.

The underlying ethos of our business is to create behavioural change through enhancing self-awareness, understanding how we and others learn and process information differently while providing practical guidance, techniques and tangible tools to support.  The workshops were delivered in a specific sequence each designed to build upon the learning of the last.

The Programme consists of six individual day or half day workshops:


Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop, delegates will be aware of their own current levels of resilience and how it to increase it.  They will be taught essential skills to enable them to manage existing and potential stress effectively, including techniques to remove stressors from their daily lives.  Learning this information in a group setting will allow attendees to identify stress in others, giving them the confidence to provide support where appropriate.

Managing People Day 1 – Emotional Intelligence

Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop, delegates will be aware of how they process information and how it affects their behaviour and communication style.  Learning this information in a group setting enables attendees to understand that everyone processes information in different ways, highlighting the effectiveness of adjusting their communication style depending on to whom they are speaking.

Managing People Day 2 – Coaching and Mentoring

Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop, delegates will be more aware of their responsibilities as people managers.  They will be provided with tools that will enable them to manage and delegate more effectively by holding coaching style conversations.  When used appropriately, these tools will result in increased ownership and productivity of staff.   They will learn and practice active listening and rapport building skills which are vital to effective communication and influencing.

Effective Decision Making (Two Hours)

Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop, delegates will understand why people procrastinate and find it difficult to make decisions.  They will learn tools to allow them to make better decisions which will positively affect their performance.

Difficult Conversations (Two Hours)

Learning outcomes: Delegates will understand the impact of delaying difficult conversations.  They will be provided with a simple structure to allow them to prepare for difficult conversations, building on their current management skills, enabling them to raise productivity within their teams.

Presentation Skills

Learning outcomes: At the end of the workshop, delegates will be able to design and deliver a presentation with impact.  They will learn essential presentation skills including what content to include and what to leave out, content structure, how to develop aids, e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, and tailoring content to your audience's needs.  They will also understand how to deliver their message in a way that will be heard and remembered.

The Results

At the end of each workshop, as part of the summary, each delegate is asked what they will take away from the day and implement as a result.  At the beginning of each next session, there is a recap of the previous one, where attendees are asked what they have done differently as a result. 

Without exception, every delegate has confirmed something that they changed, used or done differently, and described how it has impacted on themselves, their teams and the business as a whole.

What the Delegates Said

“The biggest thing I’ve taken away from Jo’s workshops is that we are all different and we have to adjust our style to communicate and influence effectively”

"Loved the training last week!"

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