First Choice Homes

We provide management development training to FCH.

About First Choice Homes

First Choice Homes Oldham is a ‘not for profit' housing association formed for the benefit of the community. From 2017 to 2020 FCH has set out the projects they will be working on to transform homes and communities in Oldham.

They will be focusing on three main areas:

1. Being an excellent landlord.

2. Creating thriving communities.

3. Building new homes.

The Challenge

FCH recognised the need to equip their management team not only with the technical skills to deliver the organisation's vision but increasing self-awareness, communication and influencing skills. As part of a broader management development programme, What Next was approached to produce an effective workshop based on Jo's book, ‘Thoughts Become Things'.

The Programme

Working in partnership with the leadership development team to ensure that the company aims and objectives were met, we devised a bespoke workshop based on the key themes of ‘Thoughts Become Things’, including:

  • How we process thoughts
  • Understanding and identifying how we process information according to our:
    • Values, beliefs and rules
    • Representational systems (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, auditory digital)
    • Six Human Needs
    • Reading body language
    • State management (how to manage your own ‘state’)
    • Using language to influence
    • Acting listening and rapport building

This workshop was specifically designed to increase self-awareness and emotional intelligence, with the underlying theme of creating behavioural change. 

Learning outcomes including being aware of how each delegate thinks and process information and how it affects their behaviour and communication style.  Learning this information in a group setting enables attendees to understand that people process information in different ways and the effectiveness of adjusting their communication style depending on whom they are talking.  They also learn and practice active listening and rapport building skills which are vital to effective communication.

Five individual workshops were delivered to all of FCH's Executive and management teams. 

The Results

Eight months after delivery of workshop, we revisited our client to assess the impact of what we taught.  We were thrilled to hear that so many months on, people were still talking about and using what they learnt on a daily basis; this directly resulted in an increase in the L&D budget due to the programme’s success. 


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