Halton Housing Coaching

We provide coaching services to the management team at Halton Housing.

About Halton Housing

Halton Housing Trust (HH) is a registered provider and not for profit housing association, managing 7,000 homes in the Cheshire towns of Widnes and Runcorn.

Since the end of 2016, HH has been implementing a radical culture change.  They recognised the need to provide more flexibility for both their customers and their staff to be able to deliver the very best service.  As a result, they have completely transformed their way of working, moving away from typical 9-5, office-based environment to a completely flexible model. This change has encompassed new, purpose-built offices, state of the art IT systems and equipment which has necessitated a complete revision of how each team operates within itself and with the broader business.

The Challenge

For the transition to be effective, the executive team recognised that there was a need to provide individual coaching for its management population to support them through the change.

The Programme

We were contracted to work with sixteen of HH’s management team through a year-long coaching programme.  Liaising closely with the learning and development team to understand the business challenges and history of the change and to report on overall progress, Jo held eight individual coaching sessions with her allocated managers to provide them with the specific support they needed.  This included:

  • Understanding emotions – increasing emotional intelligence
  • Delegation skills
  • Specific goal achievement
  • Restructuring
  • Effective recruitment and retention
  • Team building and motivation
  • Managing stress
  • Dealing with personal issues
  • Effective communication and influencing

The Results

As Jo worked with a range of managers from all of the different business areas, she was able to provide feedback to the Executive Team (without breaking individual confidences) where there were areas of concern that may hinder the business change programme. This feedback enabled plans to be made in order to head off potential issues before they occurred.

Due to the success Jo’s coaching programme, What Next was asked to deliver a leadership development programme, with the underlying theme of creating behavioural change (see additional case study) designed to increase all of HHT’s manager’s people skills.

Jo continues to provide ad hoc coaching services to HHT managers on an ongoing basis.

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