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Title: ‘Thoughts Become Things; Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World’

Elevate is the Co-operative Bank’s women’s network. Jo was asked to deliver an inspirational hour-long session to around 50 members and non-members regarding the key aspects of her book, ‘Thoughts Become Things’. 

Audience members learnt the power of visualisation, how our words affect our thoughts and behaviours and how to manage them effectively. The talk received excellent audience feedback.

What the Audience Said:

"This session gave me a fresh perspective and new outlook on my day-to-day job making me think twice before being negative. Jo's tip on visualisation was really helpful, and it was my biggest takeaway."


Title: ‘Land Your Dream Job Now!’

Following on from the success of her first appearance for Elevate, Jo was asked to return to give a presentation on her latest book, ‘Land Your Dream Job Now’.  She delivered an hour-long talk designed to help employees increase their promotion prospects by covering the top tips from her latest book including:

  • Effective CV writing
  • Assessment Centres
  • Preparing for competency-based interviews
  • Managing Nerves

As a result of the excellent feedback received, Jo has been asked to give a further to presentations at two additional Co-op sites.

What the Audience Said:

"I thought that the session with Jo was excellent. Perfect timing and she came across really well, with straightforward, practical support."

"The content of the session was relevant to what is going on in Operations, and people were welcomed warmly at the event."


JO's FIRST BOOK: Thoughts Become Things

Visit the website for Jo Banks' first book, Thoughts Become Things now available in paperback and Kindle formats.

NEW BOOK: Land Your Dream Job Now!

Visit the website for Jo Banks' new book, Land Your Dream Job Now! now available in paperback and Kindle formats.

100 Motivational Moments

Jo's eighth book AVAILABLE NOW! 100 Motivational Moments is packed with inspirational hints and tips to help you build and maintain your resilience and mental toughness.


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