3 Ways to Become 'Discouragement Proof'

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 12-09-2013

Are you going through a particularly tough time?  Here are some top tips to help you become discouragement proof...

Recently I’ve become fascinated with what makes people and businesses thrive during the tough economic times.  Through my research I believe that the key to success is to become "discouragement proof”.

Drop the ‘Victim’ script

In an outside-in world, where your state of mind is at the mercy of events, it's natural to blame things on outside forces, ranging from the economy to management to the incompetence and dishonesty of your own colleagues. But when you see that the only thing that can take you up or down is your own thinking, it's difficult to maintain the story that anything outside of you is 'doing it to you'.

Dropping the victim scripts meant less time spent assigning fault and blame and more time looking for solutions.

Use your creativity

Creativity is sometimes seen as a mysterious thing, but at its essence, it's simply a way of describing our infinite capacity for new thought. When we recognise that capacity is ever present, we also see that the possibility to solve any problem is never more than one thought away.

Recognising our incredible capacity for new thought in any moment means challenges can be faced head on instead of ducked, avoided, or feared. Problems became opportunities for creativity and innovation instead of nails in the coffin of possibility.

Don’t give up!

Anyone who's ever suffered a setback will recognize some version of denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance at play in their own experience. All of these ‘stages’ are not as a result of what’s happened to us, but how we think/feel about it. So rather than get stuck in any one thought about what's happening, the natural resilience of the human mind means we can change our thoughts whenever we need to.

The ability to bounce back quickly means that people were willing to try and try and try and try again without losing hope. And persistence, creativity, and a good feeling between you and those around you is a breeding ground for success.

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