3 Ways to Transform Your Life

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 25-10-2013

Some quick ways to improve your life...

Through the continual coaching I do with my clients and from my never ending study into what makes people tick, I have noticed that there are 3 simple things that happier, more focussed and successful individuals do differently:

  1. They don't try to others

    As we grow up, we are conditioned to please others – mum/dad/siblings/teachers etc. This kind of programming becomes engrained and displays itself in our adult thoughts, actions habits and behaviours. Take a look at the things that you are doing right now – are you doing them because you want to, or to please someone else?

  2. They don't compare themselves others

    Have you ever heard of the ‘Iceberg’ model, where what we see from a person’s outward appearance is only a fraction of what is going on underneath? Whilst other’s lives might look idyllic, we rarely know what’s really going on. We all have our own paths to follow and lessons to learn – by comparing ourselves to others, we are often comparing ourselves to what we ‘think’ we see rather than what’s really going on. Be your own person and focus on your own journey rather than what others are doing.

  3. They don't look for permission

    If you’re always looking for permission from others before doing something, maybe it’s time to stop. So many people stop themselves from doing things that they’d love to do because they are constantly looking for validation. Here’s the thing ... you don’t need anyone’s permission ... JFDI – ‘Just Flippin Do It’ and take control of your life NOW!

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