5 Instincts You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 12-06-2015

Our 'gut feeling' is our internal guidance system, it's there to protect us and yet we often tend to override it in favour of what we think  rather than what we feel. 

Whenever a client has a dilemma or an important decision they need to make, I always ask them what their gut feeling is telling them as I can honestly say that the only time I've ever made a mistake in my life is when I've ignored my gut feeling.

Here are 5 instincts that you shouldn't ignore:

  1. "I don't feel good" -If something in your body doesn't feel right, you should always get it checked out before it gets worse, your body instinctively knows when something is wrong.  We often ignore subtle signs in our bodies and end up with much more severe problems as a result. Also pay attention to how you feel when you interact with people.  If someone leaves you drained, anxious, upset or in any way negative, then it's time to review how much time you spend around that person ... they aren't good for you!
  2. "This situation seems dangerous" -If you experience any 'fight or flight' responses to a situation or person, it's your internal  system warning you of danger in an attempt to get you to act on it.  If your internal guidance is telling you that there seems to be something wrong with a person or a situation, you should listen to it and act, regardless of what your head is telling you.
  3. "I should help that person" - Our gut instinct doesn't have to indicate something negative, we can also sense when someone needs help.  The strong desire to help our fellow humans comes prewired in our evolution as a species.  Offer help even if the person in question doesn't ask for it.
  4. "This comes naturally to me" - It's common for us to practice something until its perfect eg a presentation, only to mess it up on the day.  That's due to our thinking rather than our feeling ie we let our minds run away with us thinking of all the things that could go wrong.  If something comes naturally to you, or you've practiced something so much that it's second nature, try distracting your mind with something else such as a song or a happy memory and allow your instincts to take over instead.
  5. "This just feels right" -Like I said earlier, if something feels right, it usually is.  That applies to your next job, home, boyfriend, girlfriend etc your intuition plays a bigger role than rational thinking in these decisions.  When we make life altering decisions, it's usually down to how we feel about something rather than how we think about it that prompts us to make our final decision.  When something feels right, it comes easily to you. 

The next time you have an important decision to make, listen to your intuition - it will help you choose the right path.  If you're struggling to make a decision and would like to discuss it, in confidence with no obligation, then please contact us on 0333 900 7911.

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