Tips to Achieve your Goals

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 03-03-2013

Do you manage to achieve all the goals you set for yourself?

Do you stick with them, or do they fall by the wayside, only to stay at the back of your mind for years on end, appearing year after year on your New Year's resolution list?

Statistics show that only 5% of us actually complete the goals we set for ourselves at New Year.  So what makes the difference between achieving and not achieving a goal?  Studies have shown that it can be down to where we actually 'store' the goal in our brains. 

I had a client that no matter what she did, she couldn’t lose weight, I told her that it was because it wasn’t important enough to her and she was associating more pain to dieting than she was the pleasure that she would get from being thin.  She needed to make achieving her goal a MUST and associate ultimate pleasure to attaining her goal rather than the pain she would feel going through the process.

We do this by changing how we think about something.  For example, if you needed to be on a plane at a certain time, otherwise, you wouldn't go on holiday, I'm suspecting that you'd be on time for that plane by hell or high water!  You'd make it an absolute must and nothing would stop you from getting there.  That's what we need to do with our goals.

If you aren’t achieving your goals, my guess is that it’s because they are ‘nice to have’ rather than a true desire - it it was a true desire, you'd have it now! So how can you turn a nice to have into something more important? Either, change your goal to something you REALLY want or put the current goal it in the place in your brain where you put important things. Now, that may seem a little odd or even simplistic, but it does work.

If there’s some goal that you want to achieve, but haven’t quite been able to manage it, try this little exercise. Read it through it a couple of times before you try it:


  1. Imagine being given £1m for losing 10lbs or imagine arriving at the airport in time to get on the plane for your dream holiday or simply imagine something you know to be absolutely true eg the sun coming up in the morning.
  2. Where do you see the picture in your mind? What colour is that picture? Is it a movie or is it a still picture? Is it colour or is it black and white? Is there sound or not? Is the picture large or small?
  3. Now think of something that you’ve been trying to achieve but haven’t quite been able to achieve it.
  4. Where do you see the picture in your mind? What colour is that picture? Is it a movie or is it a still picture? Is it colour or is it black and white? Is there sound or not? Is the picture large or small? I’m guessing that the picture of what you want to achieve is in a different place to the picture you saw in the first part of the exercise (No1)?
  5. Now, mentally move the picture of the goal that you want to achieve (3) to the exact same place as where you see the picture of what you know you can achieve (1).
  6. Make that picture bigger. If it’s black and white, make it colour. If it’s a still, make it into a film. If it’s silent give it sound and make it as big, bright and vibrant as possible.
  7. Run and re-run that mini film over and over again and really feel that you have achieved that goal.

Whenever you get a free moment, run that movie (if should actually be quite fun!). The more you run that movie, the more you brain will get used to the idea and move you in the right direction to achieving it.

If you’ve never tried this kind of exercise before, you may find it a bit odd, but trust me it works. Give it a go. It doesn’t cost anything and you'll be surprised at how much it will help!

If you need help in achieving your goals, why not contact us for a free, no obligation consultation on how we can help you.

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