How to feel better, in an instant...

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 25-02-2015

Do you ever wish that you didn't feel so tired, or that you could change how you're feeling or simply feel more positive?

The quickest way to make yourself feel differently is to change your body language.  Seems a bit too easy doesn't it?  However, there is an inextricable link between what our body does and our thoughts (the pictures we make and internal movies we run) which create our emotions.  Therefore, if you change one, you can change the other, instantly.

Let me explain ... if I said, "Behind door A is someone who is depressed, describe how they look" you would probably say, "Head low, shoulders slumped, shallow breathing, sad expression..."  and if I said, "Behind door B is someone who's really happy, describe how they look" you'd say the opposite, head up, eyes bright, happy expression etc.  Whatever emotions we experience, our body follows and vice versa.  Therefore, it's incredibly easy to change our emotions and our thinking by adjusting our body language.

Shortly after learning this gem, I was driving home after a 12 hour day thinking how tired I was, then I remembered ... I looked at my body language and noticed it was slumped, my shoulders were down and I was bent over, my blinking had slowed and I was yawning every couple of minutes. I immediately adjusted my body language, sat up straight, opened my eyes fully and took a few big deep breaths and instantly felt differently.  I was actually quite shocked at the difference simply adjusting my body language and deciding not to be tired could make to improving my mood.

I use this technique constantly now, with both my clients and myself - it's especially useful to use with workshop delegates in the dreaded afternoon 'slump slot' just after lunch!

So next time you want to change how you feel quickly, change your body language.  Sit up straight, adjust your facial expression and take a few good deep breaths ... your emotions simply have to follow!

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