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Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 18-04-2017

By asking better questions...


Whether we realise it or not, our lives are a result of the types of questions we ask ourselves.  Successful people are no more ‘lucky’ than their less successful counterparts, they simply use better questions and take more consistent, prolonged action.
We have within us, the answers to all of our problems and our brains are designed to answer every question we ask of it. However, the answers are only as good as the questions we ask, i.e. ask a rubbish question, you’ll get a rubbish answer! 
If you’re a negative thinker, you’ll tend to ask disempowering questions that will prompt ‘victim’ style answers, for example:
“Why can’t I lose weight.”
“Why does this always happen to me?”
“Why does nothing ever work out right?”
“Why does nothing good every happen to me?”
“Why can't I ever seem to get a break?”
These types of questions will never produce valuable, useable answers.
When you get into the habit of asking more constructive questions, posed in the positive (i.e. what you want rather than don't want), it’s likely that you’ll find solutions to your problems more quickly and easily. 

If you’re struggling with a problem or situation, ask yourself a combination of these eight questions:

  1. “What actions can I take to solve/change this?”
  2.  “What positives could I see in this (situation/person) if I wanted to?”
  3.  “What else could this mean?”
  4. “What can I learn from this?”
  5. “How can I use this to my advantage?”
  6. “How can I turn this into an opportunity?”
  7. “Who do I know who can help me with this?”
  8. “How would X (insert the name of a person who you admire here) deal/manage this?”
It seems incredibly simplistic, but it works! 
You may find it useful to write these questions down and keep them with you, especially if you're a negative thinker.  Use them frequently to critically evaluate potentially adverse situations and move out of learnt helplessness and into a position of power.

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