How to Change Negative Feelings

Posted by: Jo Banks

Date: 15-10-2015

A quick and easy guide to releasing negative emotions...

Release Technique

Release technique is a programme that was developed by Lester Levenson, how has an extradordinary story.  He was told by doctors that he only had 2 weeks to live. Lester wasn’t about to let that happen so went about finding ways to beat his illness. Cutting a long story short, he came up with the ‘Release Technique’ and went on to live happily and healthily for another 40 years.

Your mind is just a video recorder that captures events and continues to replay them. These are often negative ‘programmes’ which over time create negativity in your mind which manifest not only through mental illnesses such as stress or depression but also physical illnesses. In order to be mentally and physically healthy, we need to remove those negative programmes.

Now that in itself is not unique. Training as a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, we learn exactly that through our education, but what I did like is the process described for removing those negative programmes:


Read through the whole exercise at least once before you try it – so that you’ll know what to do and it will flow more easily.

  1. Think about one thing that you are struggling with at the moment (eg a relationship, money, work etc).
  2. Put your head down toward your chest or stomach and see if there is a contraction there, when you think about the problem, you are likely to feel a contraction either in your stomach, chest or head, it may feel like a clutching, an uncomfortable or tight feeling.
  3. If there is, get in touch with that feeling, visualise where it is and open an imaginary door right over that contraction and just allow the negative energy to pass through that door. Then let it pass through the door some more. And again. And again. When you feel it’s all gone, close the door.
  4. Check and see how you feel now. Check the contraction. I’ll bet that it’s all gone! If after completing the exercise you find that there is still a bit there ... do it again until it’s all gone.

You can do this exercise again and again working on each of your problems until all of those negative feelings which have manifested in your body have been released.

When I tried it, I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. When I think of the issue I used, I no longer have a negative association with it. All the angst I was having seems to have been removed. After a few weeks of carrying my issue round (it’s not yet resolved by the way), but I don’t have the same negative feelings I had when I think about it now.


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