CIPD: Black Country Branch

Providing 'Thoughts Become Things: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your World' workshop to the CIPD's Black Country Branch.

About the CIPD

The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development. They are the voice of a worldwide community of 140,000 members committed to championing better work and working lives.  They have been setting the benchmark for excellence in people and organisation development for more than 100 years. Through their expertise and research, they provide a valuable point of view on the rapidly changing world of work. And for their members they are the career partner of choice, setting professional standards and providing the know-how to drive the Human Resources and Learning and Development professions forward.

The CIPD Black Country branch are a lively and energetic branch with c1800 members, run by a diverse group of volunteers from a variety of HR backgrounds. They aim to provide support for all grades of membership, from students through to Fellows of the CIPD. In addition, they aim to encourage young people to consider a career in HR, Leadership and Development. They run a varied programme of events throughout the year and ensure these inspire and develop professionals in the workplace, whatever their membership status.

The Challenge

The Black Country Branch Chair, Raj Joshi, contacted us following our February 2015 newsletter titled 'Change Your Thoughts, Change Everything' and asked if Jo if she would consider delivering a half-day workshop based on the 'Thoughts Become Things' concepts as outlined in the newsletter ...  How could we refuse!

Programme Design

Jo designed a bespoke workshop that covered a range of the principles that she teaches to her clients in 1:2:1 sessions and that she covers in more detail in other programmes.  The following is a brief synopsis which the Branch used in their marketing of the event:

"A short but powerful workshop where you will learn how to take control of your thoughts and emotions, understand what drives us and our behaviour and how to change it quickly, effectively and sustainably.  Learn what differentiates owners from victims/the lucky from the unlucky and how to supercharge your effectiveness through changing the way you think and ridding yourself of any negative behaviours that no longer serve you."

The Results

Feedback from the delegates both during the session and afterwards has been excellent and we are happy to confirm that we have agreed to deliver another workshop to the Black Country CIPD Branch next year.  We are also pleased to announce that the CIPD Shropshire Branch have also asked us to do a 'Change your thoughts' workshop in early 2016 and we are currently in negotiation with other branches throughout the country.

What the delegates said

"She was very good, enthusiastic and passionate about her subject, clear and engaging in her delivery."

"Exactly what I had wanted/expected. Thanks."

"Clear demonstration of the theory, back up with examples and demonstration in practice."

"Very good subject, well presented, good interaction with other delegates."

"Very knowledgeable and engaging."

"Thank you for an excellent event."

"Having run many programmes before myself, I recognise we possibly weren’t collectively the most ‘high energy’ group!  That made Jo’s job that bit harder and I thought she managed it really well.  I have already used one of the exercises as permitted (the centring exercise) and it’s had a positive impact on the group who tried it."

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