Vitaflo® - A Nestle Health Science Company

Providing Advanced Communication and Influencing Skills Workshops

About Vitaflo®

For over 20 years, Vitaflo® has been at the forefront of developing innovative specialised clinical nutrition products for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (IEM), nutrition support and disease-specific conditions such as renal disease. Their dedicated experts have over 30 years' experience in producing specialist nutritional products. Working in partnership with world key opinion leaders and patients, Vitaflo aims to create products that combine the best of cutting-edge research with the lifestyle demands of modern living, ensuring the most acceptable products are available for the patient. Vitaflo strives to be the customer-responsive company. By continually evolving to meet patient needs, Vitaflo will continue to develop products which offer patients choice and help support them in complying with restrictive therapeutic diets.

The Challenge

As a forward-thinking, innovative market leader, Vitaflo’s requirement was to train their employees on important communication and influencing skills using the very latest tools and techniques available. Their aim was for their employees to learn new skills that they could put into practice immediately to make a difference in one to one, team and client facing interactions. 

Programme Design

After discussions with members of the senior management team at Vitaflo, What Next created a bespoke programme tailored to the needs of the business and delegates.  The following is the programme overview:

"A powerful workshop where you will learn how you process information which affects your thoughts and behaviours.  We will also show you how to hone your rapport and listening skills enabling you to supercharge your communication and influencing skills, avoiding conflict and attaining a new level of understanding about yourself and those around you.  A fully interactive workshop where we will teach you skills that you can instantly use to create more harmonious relationships and take your communication and influencing skills to the next level."

The agenda included:

  • Our Map of the World – How we view and makes sense of the world using different filters)
  • What Everybody's Saying – Explaining body language and what messages we are giving out through our body language
  • The Power of Words – How our words affect our thoughts and behaviours, how to use words effectively to influence
  • Active Listening and Rapport Building – Practical skills training
  • Putting it into Practice – Effective team exercises designed to use and build on skills learnt during the day

The Results

A review of the workshop effectiveness was completed a year after the initial workshop.  All delegates reported that they are still using the techniques learnt, creating more harmonious relationships, better communications and enhanced influencing within not just the teams who attended, but individuals and teams throughout the company.

As a result of the exceptional results, we have continued to deliver the 'Working Together' workshop to new Vitaflo employees.  Early in 2018, Jo flew to the US to deliver the workshop to the company's US colleagues, with further international trips planned throughout the year.

What the Delegates Said

"Very engaging and thought-provoking."

 "Fantastic.  Interesting discussions." 

 "This course would be of interest/beneficial to other teams in the Company." 

 "A great seminar.  A breath of fresh air." 

"I'd to say how much I enjoyed the above workshop, it was fun although the message clear, the trainer was very good at getting the message across while making and keeping it interesting, the time went so quick which is always a blessing while training."


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